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4 Tips for Freshening Up a Dated Home

by Teresa Whitney 07/20/2020

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Your home is your statement to guests and allows you to show your personality to the world. The only problem is that over time, trends will change, and what once used to be a modern home can suddenly look dated and in need of freshening up. This issue becomes more important if you plan on selling your home in the near future. Homebuyers want a home that is move-in ready and may not need a lot of redecorating immediately. If you have a home with dated decor and are looking to spruce things up, consider the few tips listed below. 

Update Your Color Palette

One of the easiest to spot signs of a dated home is an older color scheme, which makes this the ideal place to start. First, find a color scheme that is modern and fresh and then decide how it can be worked into each room in your home. You can start with paint and then use the new colors to add accents with pillows, blankets and artwork. Adding modern throw rugs is a quick and less expensive way to update older flooring and can add in your new color choices.

Give Your Lighting a Facelift

Lighting is another easy-to-change item in your home, that can quickly jump it ahead a decade or two. You will not only enjoy a fresher look but will also likely save on your energy bills as most new lighting comes with more energy-efficient bulbs. Make sure you choose a modern metal finish and then incorporate it first in lamps and hanging lights, eventually moving on to replace recessed lighting with more modern fixtures. 

Replace Old Flooring

This type of update can be significantly more expensive than others but can quickly modernize an old room. Consider replacing worn or dated carpet and refinish hardwood floors. If you have a heavily traveled space that is not ideal for your current carpet, considering changing to hardwood floors or more modern laminate options. If your kitchen and bathrooms are still sporting linoleum, changing them to tile can be cost-effective and make a dramatic difference. 

Don't Forget Hardware and Faceplates

These items may get little attention, but changing them can be one of the quickest ways to give a room a facelift. Update the faceplates of switches and outlets and find more modern handles, doorknobs and hinges for your kitchen and bathroom. Choosing more modern designs and finishes can pull together the look of the room and all for a minimal expense. 

If your home feels like it is stuck in a previous decade, trying the few tips above can easily spruce it up and make it more appealing for your guests and potential buyers as well. 

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